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Dushanbe: Football development in Afghanistan took a huge step forward with the recent meeting with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in Tajikistan.

One of the objectives of the three-day visit was to analyse the football situation in Afghanistan and assist the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) in drafting a strategic plan.

AFC Member Association Development Officer Yogesh Desai conducted a SWOT analysis with the AFF management to identify the key areas for improvement by examining their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  

The analysis found that the AFF needs to focus on five areas - restructuring of the AFF, upgrading infrastructure, league and club development, competition structure and technical development.

The AFC has set key performance indicators for each area to evaluate the success of achieving those targets. The AFF will revert to the AFC with a finalised strategic plan after discussing with relevant stakeholders, and is expected to draft and send the plan to AFC by August 31.

Football is the number one sport in Afghanistan as it enjoys a huge fan base and possesses a huge pool of talent across different age groups.