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Kuala Lumpur: Over 450 delegates from 63 countries are eagerly awaiting the start of the 5th AFC Medical Conference which will be held in India from November 30 until December 2.

With the JW Marriott Hotel, Aero city, New Delhi playing host to the prestigious gathering, pre-conference events including anti-doping accreditation for doping control officers, team physician and sports physiotherapy rehabilitation workshops, FIFA 11+ instructor course and a live orthopaedic procedure in cartilage repair are just some of the highlights in store for those attending.


Meanwhile, the conference programme itself will provide keynote address, lectures, symposiums, free papers, poster presentations and clinical demonstrations. Areas of contention such as stem cell application to muscle tissue/ cartilage repair, age and sex determination, new insights into the pathophysiology of injuries, the use and abuse of modern medicine, the prevention of emergencies and injuries, sudden cardiac death and a host of other medical issues that confront the medical practitioner in sports will all be addressed.

The conference, held every four years, draws a large number of participants and has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan.

The AFC Medical Conference also provides cutting edge, evidence based scientific information in the field of sports and medicine presented by experts based on research.