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Kuala Lumpur: The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) have begun investigations following reports of breaches of regulations at the FIFA World Cup 2018 Asian Final Round Qualifying matches played on September 5, 2017. The AFC is currently waiting to receive all relevant reports before proceeding with the next steps.

The AFC will also co-operate with the world governing body, FIFA, to provide the necessary reports on matters which fall within the jurisdiction of FIFA. 

In June, the AFC wrote to its Member Associations reiterating that all stakeholders involved in Asian football must respect the principle of political neutrality.

The letter sent by the AFC stressed that the principle is a cornerstone of both the AFC and of the international sporting movement, and is reflected in Article 3.2 of the AFC Statutes which states: “the AFC is neutral in all matters of politics and religion”.

It added that Member Associations are also bound by Article 14.4 which says: “Member Associations shall manage their affairs independently and without undue influence from third parties”.

The letter continued: “The AFC calls on all stakeholders to respect these fundamental principles moving forward. In this regard, the AFC reiterates Article 6 of the Statutes which states: “every person and organisation directly or indirectly bound by these statutes must observe these statutes and any regulations, directives, and decisions of the AFC.”