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Kuala Lumpur: A FIFA Transfer Matching System Users Conference kicked off at AFC House in Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday. 

The overall objective of the conference is to facilitate the sharing of information, expertise and best practices amongst the Transfer Matching System (TMS) stakeholders -- from clubs and associations to Players’ status and Governance and FIFA TMS. 

The event, one of four conferences held worldwide this year, is held for selected association and club users and selection is based on either how large the volume of transfers they processed is or on the impact that their activity had on the 2013 international transfer market. The most active user from each of the selected organisations is invited to attend the conference. 

Twenty-one participants are taking part on the first day of the conference while 24 participants are expected to attend the second day’s session. 

Various activities were held during the conference in Kuala Lumpur such as discussions, and presentations by FIFA TMS Integrity and Compliance Department, FIFA TMS Sales and Marketing and club and association guest speakers. Quizzes and question-and-answer sessions were also held. 

This year’s conference will give FIFA TMS the opportunity to discuss the latest services offered by them and, in particular, the upgraded TMS 5.5 features, such as the new loan processes, total fixed remuneration calculator and the importance of registration periods, engaging players during registration periods and selecting the appropriate transfer instruction in TMS. 

The other three TMS conferences were or will be held in Mexico City, Mexico (9-10 April); Johannesburg, South Africa (14-15 May) and Zurich, Switzerland (20-21 May). 

Non-European countries with the most active transfer streams with UEFA will join this year’s conference in Zurich and Asian countries invited to take part in the European event are Australia, Japan and the UAE.