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Sao Paulo: The 'in-principle' creation of a 'Central AFC' Zone that was approved at Monday's AFC Extraordinary Congress that will see the current South & Central Zone split into two has been warmly welcomed by Tajikistan Football Federation General Secretary Islom Mahmadshoev.


The proposal, which was submitted by the football federation of Iran, will see the Islamic Republic and Tajikistan grouped with Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in a Central Zone which shall be recognised in the AFC Statutes

The AFC will host an Extraordinary Congress in the period prior to the elective Congress in 2015 to determine the number of seats assigned to each zone on the Executive Committee.

"We are happy that it finally happened and we will put our effort in to the creation of the zone and we can begin the administration process with the six federations on how to organise it," Mahmadshoev said.

"We also need to discuss the matters of duration, location of the headquarters and we look for support from the AFC in this matter."