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Kuala Lumpur: Glory, strength and quality woven into a brand new look capture the identity of Asia’s top two continental club competitions.

The AFC Cup celebrates the achievement of the clubs qualified to this stage of the competition by greeting them in the new look at the knock-out stage draw, as the imagery comes alive in Kuala Lumpur on June 6.

The AFC Cup captures a passion for the game that is so unique to Asia. Having crowned a new, first-time champion for three consecutive years, the AFC Cup showcases the growth of our clubs and development across Asia, as the competition expands its reach out to new Member Associations and audiences.

As the 2017 AFC Cup reaches the Knockout Stage, in its new format where AFC Zonal Champions are crowned, the look transforms into bold maroon red. The logo stays the same but both competitions get their own, distinctive image through a new key visual. The AFC Cup’s maroon red background colour signifies the courage and passion of the battle for the trophy, which is also given more prominence in the new look.

Photos: AFC